Zuzana Licko (Filosofia)

Filosofia was created in 1986 by Zuzana Licko, (Czechoslovakia-1961).

“Filosofia is my interpretation of a Bodoni. It shows my personal preference for a geometric Bodoni, while incorporating such features as the slightly bulging round serif endings which often appeared in printed samples of Bodoni’s work and reflect Bodoni’s origins in letterpress technology”. -Licko.

She is a typeface designer based in LA. She studied architecture, photography and computer programming before get her diploma in Graphic Communications.  She is graduated from University of California at Berkeley.

While at Berkeley, Zuzana took a calligraphy class, which was her least favorite because she had to write with her right hand even though she was left handed. This experience influenced her when she started working on type design, which was more computer-based(1).

From her father,  a bio-mathematician at the University of California, she awakes the interest at computers helping him with data processing. 

Because of her admiration for the Didone serif typeface Bodoni, she designed and came up with several variations of Bodoni, in the form of digital font for computer type and some forms were also used for text. Before working with computers, Licko’s favorite typeface was Bodoni with it’s “clean lines and geometric shapes and the variety of headline style choices.” Licko avoided using Bodoni for long texts, “as the extreme contrast made it difficult to read at small sizes.(2)

Filosofia_002 (3)

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I choose this one because it was funny to me the specification about that everything must be in a “clear English”, so I realize “Filosofia” is one of the words I’d find in another language, in this case my predilection, Spanish.

This style was designed by Zuzana Licko in 1996 and it’s designed for text applications.

Kreation is optional, destruction is unavoidable.